Kirsty Baird BEM, founded Chief Radio in May 2020. Kirsty's band, 'Hanley and the Baird' released the single, 'Follow the Rainbows' which went straight into the Scottish charts at No.3 and No.27 in the UK Download Charts. The success of this was helped by the bands fanbase and community radio stations across the country.
Commercial Radio stations chose to play only established artists and songs. At which point, Kirsty identified both, a need for a more level playing field for unsigned artists and more choice for listeners.

What is Chief Radio?

A Scottish radio station owned and run by musicians.  For people who want to listen to more flexible playlists containing more than one genre of music. 
Kirsty's nickname is Chief. She comes from Leith and while she was coaching one of her choirs (Kirsty is also the Musical Director and founder of Sing in the City) the 'Aw Blacks' unrehearsed and simultaneously in movement pointed to Kirsty, whilst singing the line from the Proclaimers song, 'Sunshine on Leith and Kirsty has been known as 'The Chief' ever since.

Chief Radio registered as a CIC company in April 2021 and provides radio play opportunities for unsigned artists.   There is scope to give training opportunities to people with a little experience in radio or podcasting and we are always looking for experienced presenters with a great show to join our team. 

Kirsty is extremely passionate about local communities and making music accessible for all and Chief Radio has a very hands on approach to connecting with people.

Kirsty is also the Director of Sing in the City. This business along with their members have raised over £143k for charity and community. She believes that everyone should have access to music whether it's in the taking up of an instrument or joining a choir. Music and community will be at the heart of everything we do. Chief Radio have already donated 56 Alexa speakers to care homes in Scotland. This is what inspires Kirsty and so, Chief Radio was born.