Chief Radio at Leith Market

Chief Radio provided the back drop music wise on the 25th Sept and worked alongside all the street traders, taking interviews and popping them live on air.If you would like to have us along at your event, get in touch.

Chief Radio is streaming live from the Biscuit Factory

To celebrate our Birthday we are collaborating with Sing in the City at the Biscuit Factory on 4-6 Anderson Place Edinburgh.  We are streaming our Rock the Care Home show with Kirsty Baird and our Beats show with Kerry Thomson on the 1st August from 09.30.  There will also be a Sing in the City Art Exhibition upstairs from 12.00.During the pandemic the choirs have been drawing, sketching and painting to keep themselves busy and connected.  This exhibition will showcase what they have been doing.  There will also be a performance from Hanley and the Baird band and the first live performance from the KGB (Kirsty's Guitar Band).
The Guitar band started during the pandemic, learned online and are now being encouraged to play with Hanley and the Baird for a couple of songs.

The KGB is funded by Chief Radio and anyone who wishes to join should get in touch.  We are trying to make music as accessible for everyone as possible.
To book a table for breakfast or lunch at the Biscuit Factory please get in touch with them. 0131 629 3536

Chief Radio's 1st Birthday

Streaming live from the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh for the Sing in the City Art Exhibition on the 1st August 2021.

Chief Radio work with the Girls Guides Edinburgh

During the pandemic, it has been impossible to meet up or organise anything.  So when the Girls Guides Edinburgh got in touch to see if we could come up with something to enable them to celebrate their leaders and long service award, we offered them a live show to pull everyone together.

On the 29th may, people from all over came together for requests on the show post on Facebook, to chat to congratulate each other and have a special show all about, Guides, Rainbows, Brownies, their leaders and the parents.  
It was a special day and show.  Who else can we connect with ?

Are you having an event that you need music for?
Do you need an interactive Presenter?

We can give you an affordable option and work with you to make sure your event is exactly as you imagined it.

We have worked in entertainment for 20 years and our sister company Sing in the City puts on many shows and events in open air or in theatres like the Usher Hall.  We have a wealth of experience behind us to make sure your event goes smoothly.  Listen to Kirsty Baird on the breakfast show and get in touch to see how she would entertain at your event.

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