Learn with Chief Radio

This is a very unique and exciting project.  The Chief team visit your school or club and we run classes from P4 upwards to broadcast or record a show.
We will teach the group about the radio station, how it started and plans for the future and in addition, get them involved in producing a show from their classroom. This class will teach and encourage:
Life skills, Collaboration and being inclusive.It can be a part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

We can send a presentation that will help the teacher understand what is required before the visit. Then we will forward on work sheets to help all groups work through this project.

Worksheets will include:
The weather
Community news
The music
Social Media

Every skill set can be used to pull this show together so whether the kids are academics or dreamers there will be something for them to focus on. 

It will be a fun but educational afternoon for the whole class.Please fill in the form below and email us for more information and prices.

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