Chief Radio is a part of Sing in the City

Chief Radio is a part of the Sing in the City  business with choirs in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians and during COVID19 quarantine they have moved the business online and are rehearsing on zoom software.

There is scope to advertise on the shows, the website or across our very active and popular social media.  Our Rock the Care home gets over 400 comments per show and the morning Breakfast show gets between 150 and 200 comments.  We are getting between 4000 and 5000 listeners per week. Please get in touch for our packages.  

Our Community Dreampot is our community charity account.  Any money paid into that account buys Alexa speaker for care homes across Scotland or funds singing, music and art classes for free in our local communities.  We aim to make music as accessible to everyone as possible.   We aim to donate an Alexa speaker for every week on air and are ahead of target for that project.

Sing in the City have already raised over £125,000 for charity and we have sent 18 Alexa speakers to 18 carehomes in Scotland so they can listen to Chief Radio.    If you work in a care home and could use a free speaker get in touch.

Kirsty Baird is also the Founder and Director of Sing in the City.  They are modern choirs that rehearse 40+ weeks of the year and have regular performances with the Hanley and the Baird band.  If you are looking for a friendly, inclusive and encouraging rehearsal space to sing and make friends take a free trial night with them in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians.  

Chief Radio, Hanley and the Baird, The Dreampot and Sing in the City

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