Kirsty Baird BEM

Baird's Breakfast & Sunday Retro (Mon - Friday 7 till 10) & Sunday Retro (Sun 09.30 till 12.00).Her Shows consist of Scottish Celtic, Folk, Country, unsigned and chart hits you would expect to hear.Kirsty is the founder and ideas person at Chief and also the Director of Sing in the City and member of Hanley and the Baird band.She became a DJ when she lost her voice and was unable to sing and gig.  While in recovery she took up DJing all over Scotland.  

Kerry Thomson

Kerry's Celtic Craic  (Mon - Thurs 10 till 13.00) and the Underdogs show (Tue 13.00). Breakfast show (Mon / Sat 7 - 10) Her playlists are influenced by Scottish island and Celtic music, unsigned and chart hits you would expect to hear.
Kerry is the technical person at Chief Radio.  When Kirsty comes up with an idea, Kerry makes it work.
She is the drummer in the Hanley and the Baird band and has her routes firmly in Scottish and highland music in particular

Elaine Dove

Dove time (Mon, Fri & Sun)In her shows you can expect a good mix of 90s, 00s and current chart music.  She will also have some unsigned bands thrown into the mix. When the team have an idea, Elaine is the person who puts the work in to pull it all together.
She is also a manager at Sing in the City and is working hard to develop her shows on Chief Radio.

Gordon Hunter

Tunes in the noon (Saturday 11 till 13.00)
His shows are chart hits from the 80s through the decades.
Gordon has been a DJ for many years and as seasoned professional has provided entertainment for many parties and weddings over the years.
Tune in on a Saturday.

Ross MacFadyen

The Folk and Roll Radio Show (Wednesday 13.00 till 15.00)

From programme to programme, the sound may be different, with a little bit of Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Traditional Scottish and Irish, Country, Pop and Rock.
But rest assured, there will always be plenty of Folk n Roll!

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We are looking for committed, passionate and experienced presenters to come on board and bring enthusiasm, energy and a great show.  We ask that you have suitable equipment and software and know how to use it to get the best from it and provide us with a weekly, fortnightly, monthly show. 

If you are not going to be using our studio facilities then you must have your own legally bought music for your shows. 
We would need to hear a demo of you presenting and tell us a little about you and your radio experience.

If you have a keen interest in radio and would like to learn more, we can help you do that  but you will need a fast processing laptop, are prepared to buy some basic equipment and music.

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