As working and gigging musicians we appreciate we don't always have a huge budget to promote and it's hard to get good radio air play on stations that have listeners.  Send your music to be selected for airplay.

We all want the 'commercial' stations to play our tunes and on occasion they may do just that however, it is the smaller community stations that will give unsigned bands ongoing support.

Chief Radio has a social following reaching 25,000+
and listeners annually 150,000+
Our listeners are highly engaged with 40%+ reposting/sharing our social media
We have supported 1000s of unsigned bands to date.
We actively support unsigned artists daily but stations like Chief close down every month because of costs and commitment.
We ask that you donate £3 per single release and will promote you and your music and add you into our monthly Chief Independent Chart.

We have also teamed up with a couple of promoters that you may want to consider getting in touch with.  We play the artists from Pluggin' Baby often and Emma also has a show on Chief Radio


Get your music heard

  • Arrange a 7 day promo package the week of your release
  • Encourage the download and sharing or your track with our invested listener base
  • Assist and advise you on your social media to help you get the most out of it
  • Send your song to 400+ radio stations that we use for our personal releases
  • Specifically source stations to suit your music
  • Assist you with your press release or EPK and approach media in your area
  • Promote your song on our social media and website
  • Email for a quote and more information 

"Chief Radio really know how to help an artist achieve success! It is so hard for an independent artist to build a fan base and build a career, but Chief radio understand how to get there. If Chief believe in you and your music you are half way there. They will use their knowledge, contacts and listeners to build your fan base, increase your sales and help you establish yourself as an artist. With an abundance of energy, drive and desire to see you succeed, you could ask for no better team behind you. "

Paula O'Reilly

Songs I'll never sing 

It costs over £12k a year to run Chief, we also need your support 

What artists say about Chief


" Been following Chief Radio for a few months now.  I'm really impressed how they play a wide variety of music, especially up and coming /unknown artists like my band Wesson."

Kirsteen Harvey

"The support from the team at Chief has been so appreciated it means a huge amount"


"Good luck Chief Radio and keep going selling ourselves to ourselves. Show us how beautiful we are"


"It's special to have other musicians take an interest in what you do. It rings true when you're supporting artists like me and other artists you like"

Michelle mcmanus

Some people talk the talk but you walk the walk
Keep up with the good work

The laurettes

We cannot tell you how AMAZING the team Chief Radio are.  They actively search Scotland and take it upon themselves to support, lift bands up and just generally be amazing humans!

paula o'reilly

So good to know my song Speechless is still receiving airplay since its release over 2 years ago.  The team at Chief are all legends. Thanks for your support 

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