Your featured track will get over 20 plays per week

One of the reasons we started Chief Radio was to support unsigned and independent bands.  We listen to every song that is sent to us and we continue to support you and your music and actively encourage our listeners to buy your tracks.  We take pride in seeing as many gigs as possible and our listeners have helped sell out events and the actively follow our featured bands on social media.  Contact us today and send in your quality tracks with a completed form or EPK.  We are the Edinburgh station people are starting to listen to.

Follow us across all social media and we will return the favour.  We are also musicians, we share the same dream and the same passion.

Suggested donation of £2 Per featured track will help keep Chief on air


  • Airplay on weekly shows
  • Airplay on the Underdogs show
  • Tagged across all our social networks
  • Included in our Spotify playlist
  • Continued airplay and support
  • Add your new release or next gig, or video on to our APP (Costs £10 per week)

What do we need from you?

  • Follow us on all socials, we will follow you back
  • If you are being featured, share ourposts
  • It costs a minimum of £10k a year to keep Chief on air please consider supporting us as we support you and feed us £2.  
Submit your demo with band info (social media tags etc)