Featured Unsigned artists are: Charlotte Young, Emily Lockett, Joshua Grant, Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5, Cameron Ledwidge, Forest Looper, Liz Jones, Seth Rogan,  PG Ciarletta, Cameron Ledwidge,  Jordan Murray,  Starry Skies, RAAB, The Fade (Lloyd James Fay)

Unsigned artists

It is not always easy to get your music heard.  Most pubs and clubs want bands that perform covers, it can be a slog building up your fanbase and the chances of radio play is slim. 
Hanley and the Baird are also the Directors of Sing in the City and as well as playing all the usual live gig venues in Scotland they have also had the pleasure of performing in theatres like the Usher Hall and The Festival theatre in Edinburgh and the Alhambra in Fife to name but a few.  
After getting their song Follow the Rainbows into the Scottish Chart at No 3 and only getting one commercial station to play the song once, they decided a more level playing field was required.  
Right in the middle of  pandemic we have managed to start a station, build a good relationship with musicians, build our listeners imagine what we will be able to do when we can get out and about.  One of our main aims is to help musicians in every way because this is what we are too.

For your work to be considered make your demos are of the highest quality in an MP3 format, photographs and any other information that will help us promote you.  In return we ask that you support and Chief Radio.  

Please get in touch and the relevant forms will be sent out to you.

In addition

What can we offer you?

A list of 100s of community radio stations across the UK.
Share your social media information.  
We are collating a list of industry specialists who you can liaise with.  (Photographers, Producers, etc.)
(If you are an industry specialist who would like to be included  please let us know)
Assist you in getting your songs online and available for digital distribution however this will incur an initial cost.

What we ask for in return?
You share, like and follow the Chief Radio pages on all social media listed above and we will do the same in return.

Unsigned artists should, encourage, work together and share knowledge, experience and opportunities. #teamgame